New Booking Conditions COVID-19


If you’re worried about booking your holiday amid all the news reports surrounding the Coronavirus, you’re not alone. We are with you and we would like to send you a message of calmness, so you can book your holiday with total confidence with our new flexible Booking & Cancellation Conditions

If the  Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) subsequently advises against ‘all but essential travel’ to your chosen Villa’s destination within 7 days of your holiday start date, the EU borders are closed, your flight is cancelled by the flight company or the area is inaccessible for local reasons, we will endeavour to provide suitable alternative arrangements or if not possible, full refunds of the total amount of your Booking.


  • Applicable to all Bookings
  • Cancellations made because of the Coronavirus crisis and not for any other reasons
  • Booking deposit (usually around 15%): In case of Cancellation, you will be able to change the dates. If not possible, we will give you a Voucher with the amount of the deposit paid for a future Booking in the same Villa. Valid for 2 Years from the Cancellation date
  • Balance: We usually charge the Balance 30 days before arrival, but due to this new Situation, you can pay the Balance 15 days before arrival
  • Cancellations made up to 7 days before arrival: We would make a full refund of the Balance
  • If the travel advice changes between the 7th day and the arrival date and you can´t travel, we would give you back the full Balance as well


  • The World Health Organization (WHO) expect that, with the current temporary strict Actions that the different Governments of Europe are taken in order to control the expansion of the Virus, this will be considerably reduced and controlled by May – June 2020
  • Some Scientists expect that the warmer weather will reduce the spread of Coronavirus. In Spain, the heat starts already by May. The expectation is that the Virus could be considerably reduced during Summer season
  • The Vaccine against the Coronavirus will be ready soon


As you will see in the following official Statistics, most of the cases of Coronavirus in Spain are concentrated in Madrid & Catalonia (Around 50%):

  • Spain: Population of 47 Million People. 0.4 % of the People officially inffected by Coronavirus
  • GALICIA: It is one of the regions less affected by Coronavirus in Spain. Population of 2,7 Million People. People officially inffected by Coronavirus: 0.3% of the Population of Galicia and 0.01% of the Population of Spain
  • Madrid & Catalonia: They are the most affected regions. Around 50% of the cases in Spain
  • * This information is being updated everyday