Kite Boarding Lessons In Galicia 

Enjoy our fun Kite boarding courses, an exciting sport taught by certified instructors from the Galician Surf Federation. Kite boarding is a mixture of skiing, wakeboarding, surfing and paragliding, which allows travel over water with a board, powered by a kite. Courses run throughout the whole year and take from 1 to 5 days.

PRICES PER PERSON: Kite Boarding Beginners Course: From 206 €M, 2 Days, 3 hours per day

LOCATION: A Lanzada Beach – O Grove

REQUIREMENTS: Swimmer, aged 10+

DURATION: Between 1-5 days (3 hours per day)

INCLUDED: Kiteboard, harness, wet suit, instructor

Kite Boarding Advance Course: From 103 €, 1 to 5 days, 3 hours per day

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