Gastronomical Tours & Experiences in Galicia

Boat trip with delicious Galician meal

Enjoy the sea on board of this boat-restaurant that will take you along the beautiful Ría de Arosa estuary, famous for having the best seafood in Rías Baixas. During the boat trip, you will enjoy a tasty lunch or dinner with different menus to choose from, always with fresh seafood and a good Galician wine. If you choose the night trip, you will have the chance to take part in dancing.


Ría de Arosa

Day trip: 2 hours (13:30 to 15:30 pm). Other timetables on request
Night trip: 2:30 hours (21:30 to 00:00am). Other timetables on request

30 People

Boat trip on a modern boat, lunch/dinner, dancing, music

Menu 1: Galician pie, Seafood paella, Bread, Wine, water or soft drinks, Dessert, Coffee, Liquor

Menu 2: Galician pie, Prawns, Mussels, Galician octopus, Bread, Wine, water or soft drinks, Dessert, Coffee, Liquor

Menu 3: Galician pie, Seafood: (Crabs, Crayfishes, Prawns, Mussels, Cockles) Bread, Wine, water and soft drinks, Dessert, Coffee, Liquor

PRICE (per person, boat + meal)
Menu 1: Day trip: 31.00 € / Night trip: 37.00 €
Menu 2: Day trip: 33.00 € / Night trip: 39.00 €
Menu 3: Day trip: 42.00 € / Night trip: 48.00 €
Children (Under 12): Half price


Boat trip with underwater views & lunch in Galicia

Enjoy a wonderful and fun day on board of this underwater boat along Arousa estuary, where you will see the best panoramic views of the seabed full of seaweed forests and Atlantic fishes. This trip also includes the chance to taste fresh mussels from the estuary, Galician wine, water and soft drinks.


O Grove port

1 hour 15 minutes

130 people

10 people

Boat, mussels tasting

PRICES (per person):
Adults (10 - 20 people): 15.00 € / £15.00
Children (10 - 20 people): 7.00 € / £7.00
Adults (20+ people): 9.00 € / £9.00
Children (20+ people): 4.00 € / £4.00



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