Camino de Santiago - The Portguese way


5 Nights Accommodation in quality B&B
Breakfast & Dinners
Transfer to/from the start/end of the Camino to the B&B each day
Professional local guide during the whole Camino


Day 1: Tui - Redondela (31.2 km)
Day 2: Redondela - Ponte de O Burgo (20.4 km)
Day 3: Ponte do Burgo - Caldas de Reis (20.7 km)
Day 4: Caldas de Reis - Padrón (18.6 km)
Day 5: Padrón - Santiago de Compostela (23.9 km)

On request


*Luggage transfer from/to each B&B daily
*Private transfers from airport/hotel at the begining or end of the Camino
*Picnic lunch pack to be requested in each B&B
*1 or 2 nights in a boutique hotel in Santiago with breakfast
*Dinner in a traditional restaurant in Santiago historical city centre



DAY 1 : Arrive to Tui on your own. Accommodation in a Boutique Hotel

Tui is the first stage of the Porguese way in Galicia. It is a monumental and historical town with a cozy old town full of cobbled streets and the spectacular Cathedral. The large and beautiful river Miño makes a natural frontier between Galicia and Portugal

DAY 2 : Stage 1 " Tui – Redondela " (31,2 Km.). Accommodation in a traditional Galician palace

On leaving the city we can stop to admire the eleventh-century church of San Salvador de Rebordáns, built in Romanesque style. Continuing on our way towards Porriño we pass the chapel dedicated to the Virxe do Camiño, before dropping down to the River San Simón where we will find a bridge known as A Ponte das Febres. We then reach A Madalena and continue onwards to Ribadelouro. Leaving Gándaras de Budiño to the east, we pass through the old streets in the centre of Porriño before heading towards Mos. Here we walk up the sloping street known as Rua dos Cabaleiros, where we will be rewarded at the end by the sight of a valuable eighteenth-century stone cross. Following the route, we pass the centuries-old Roman milestone at Vilar de Infesta and cross the area of level ground known as Chan das Pipas. We follow the Roman road, whose course takes us back to the N-550 before it enters Redondela, marked by the monastery of Vilavella.

DAY 3 : Stage 2 "Redondela – Ponte do Burgo" (20,4 Km). Accommodation in a beautiful rural House

After passing the railway bridge the route takes us into a wood. We go downhill through the hamlet of Setefontes before crossing Arcade, famous for its oysters, and continue to the bridge over the River Verdugo at Ponte Sampaio, crossing the village of the same name and climbing up along its narrow alleys and streets.

We then reach Canicouva and continue on our way, passing beside a stone cross at Cacheiro and the ruins of a former coaching inn. The route takes us through several villages before it enters Pontevedra along the Avenida Conde de Bugallal, leaving along the Rúa da Santiña. Once in the city, you can visit the Virxe da Peregrina sanctuary, point of reference for pilgrims’ devotions. The stage will end crossing the Lérez River over the Ponte do Burgo.

DAY 4 : Stage 3 "Ponte do Burgo - Caldas de Reis" (20,7 Km). Accommodation in a Boutique Rural Hotel

The Way runs parallel to railway line as far as Pontecabras, where it heads off in a northerly direction until it reaches the church and rectory at Santa María de Alba. Leaving behind us the chapel dedicated to San Caetano, we go deep into the thick woods of Reiriz and Lombo da Maceira. From San Mauro the route heads towards the village of Ponte Balbón, which boasts two interesting stone crosses, one next to the manor house known as Casa de Amonisa. On the shaft of the other, St James the Pilgrim shows travellers which direction to take. From Ponte Balbón we make for the shrine dedicated to Santa Lucía, in Amenal, before passing through Tibo, with its drinking fountain, stone cross and public washplace, after which we soon find ourselves in Caldas de Reis.

DAY 5 : Stage 4 "Caldas de Reis - Padrón" (18,6 Km). Accommodation in a Traditional Rural House

The route leaves Caldas de Reis and enters the valley of the River Bermaña, surrounded by ancient woodlands, with the Romanesque church of Santa María de Vemil to one side. A gentle ascent brings us to Santa Mariña de Carracedo, with its monumental church, rectory and granary. Continuing on our way through the hamlets of Casal de Irixo and O Pino we re-enter wooded land on the slopes of Monte Albor. At the mill at Solleiro the route turns towards San Miguel de Valga before reaching the village of Infesta, in Pontecesures. As we walk along the Rúa dos Coengos we pass by the church of San Xulián de Requeixo on our way to the Roman bridge that gives its name to the town. Once on the other side of the river, the route runs parallel to the N-550 all the way to Padrón.

DAY 6 : Stage 5 "Padrón - Santiago de Compostela" (23,9 Km). Optional program: Accommodation in Hotel 3 ***

Leaving the historical town centre of Padrón behind us, we make first for Iria Flavia and from there to the shrine at A Escravitude. Almost immediately afterwards we come across the church of Santa María de Cruces, after walking through a stretch of woodland and crossing the railway line at the picturesque village of Angueira de Suso. We then continue towards Rúa de Francos, with its beautiful Gothic stone cross. A detour leads to the ruins of Castro Lupario, a name that evokes the memory of the domains of Queen Lupa. From now onwards we will pass through a series of increasingly more densely populated villages and towns, crossing Milladoiro on its way to Agro dos Monteiros. The old medieval road leaves the ruins of the archbishop’s castle at Rocha Vella to one side before we reach the outlying suburb of A Choupana, close to the shrine to Santa Marta. We finally enter the old quarter of Compostela through Porta Faxeira, one of the seven gates that were once the only way of passing through the long-gone city walls, and access the Cathedral through the Romanesque door in the square known as Praza das Praterías.


How to arrive at Tui.

Private transfer: On request.

Public transport:
Option A: Transfer Santiago – Pontevedra and Pontevedra - Tui by bus, from Monday to Friday.Timetable Santiago – Pontevedra: Frequent departures, approximately every hour. Timetable Pontevedra – Tui: Monday to Friday: 09:00 - 12:00 - 19:00.

Bus company: MONBUS – Tel.: +34 902 292 900 - Web:
Santiago Bus Station: C/ San Caetano, s/n – Tel: +34 981 542 416 - Web:
Pontevedra Bus Station: Avenida de la Estación, s/n - Tel.: +34 986 852 408 – Web:
Option B: Transfer Santiago – Vigo and Vigo – Tui by train daily, at different times. Timetable Santiago – Vigo: Monday to Sunday. Journey takes approximately one hour and half. Timetable Vigo – Tui: Monday to Sunday: 7:50 – 19:37. Journey takes approximately 45 minutes.
Rail company: RENFE - Tel: +34 902 240 202 - Web:
Santiago Train Station: C/ Horreo - Tel: +34 981 591 859 - Web:
Vigo Train Station: Plaza de la Estación, s/n - Tel: +34 986 269 403 - Web:

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