Camino de Santiago - The French way

Starting on French territory, you will enter Galicia along a steep path that reaches its maximum height in the O Cebreiro highlands. On the Galician part of the route walkers can enjoy the hospitality of the people, a wealth of varied, delicious gastronomy, the considerable artistic heritage, and a country that warmly welcomes travellers.


7 Nights Accommodation in a quality B&B
Breakfast & Dinners
Transfer to/from the start/end of the Camino to the B&B each day
Travel insurance

Day 1: O Cebreiro - Triacastela (25.6 km)
Day 2: Triacastela - Gorolfe (14.4 km)
Day 3: Gorolfe - Ferreiros (24 km)
Day 4: Ferreiros - Lestedo (28.5 km)
Day 5: Lestedo - A Castañeda (27.4 km)
Day 6: A Castañeda - Santa Irene (22.1 km)
Day 7: Santa Irene - Santiago de Compostela (22.4 km)

Price per person in single room: From 670.00 €
Price 2 people sharing double/twin room: From 900.00 €

✭ Luggage transfer from/to each B&B daily
✭ Private transfers from airport/hotel at the begining or end of the Camino
✭ Picnic lunch pack to be requested in each B&B
✭ 1 or 2 nights in a boutique hotel in Santiago with breakfast
✭ Dinner in a traditional restaurant in Santiago historical city centre

2 nights in a boutique hotel in Santiago with breakfast + dinner at a restaurant in the historical city centre + a guided visit to the Cathedral roof tops
Price per person in single room: From 300.00 €
Price 2 people sharing double/twin room: From 400.00 €



Day 1: Arrival to O Cebreiro on your own. Accommodation in Hotel O Cebreiro. This is an old village house, which was restored in 2000, respecting the traditional structure of the building. It is located next to a ninth century hermitage and is surrounded by “pallozas”, which are round thatched buildings used as dwellings and for keeping cattle.

Day 2: Stage 1 "O Cebreiro – Triacastela"(25,6 Km).The walker leaves O Cebreiro peak (where the Santa María a Real do Cebreiro sanctuary and the old ninth century pilgrims’ hospital are located). The route runs through Liñares, Hospital da Condesa, Padornelo, where the Order of St. John of Jerusalem was originated and the hospital was created to attend to walkers, Puerto de O Poio, the highest point on the French Way, Fonfría, O Biduedo, Fillobal, Pasantes and Ramil, finally arriving at Triacastela. Accommodation in Casa Pacios.

Day 3 : Stage 2 "Triacastela - Gorolfe" (14,4 Km). From Triacastela the Way runs through Renche, San Martiño do Real, Samos. After a rest at Samos, the Way continues on to Gorolfe, the final destination of the second stage.Accommodation in Casa de Díaz.

Day 4 : Stage 3 "Gorolfe - Ferreiros" (24 Km). After leaving Gorolfe, the next place on the walker’s route is Sarria.Then walkers cross the A Áspera bridge, arriving at the Romanesque church of Santiago de Barbadelo, Domiz, Lavandeira, A Brea, Morgade, and finally Ferreiros and its twelfth century Romanesque Santa María church. Accommodation in Casa O Foilebar.

Day 5: Stage 4 "Ferreiros - Lestedo" (28,5 Km).The next stage starts in Ferreiros and continues on to Mirallos, A Pena, Rozas, Moimentos, Mercadoiro, Moutras, A Parrocha, Vilachá, where the descent towards the Miño river begins, and Portomarín, where you can taste the local aguardiente liqueur, one of the most renowned in Galicia. The route continues through Gonzar, Castromaior and its Romanesque church, Vendas de Narón with its La Magdalena Chapel, A Previsa, Lameiros and its chapel dedicated to St.Mark, Ligonde, Eirexe, Portos, a village located in the vicinity of the Romanesque church of Vilar de Donas, belonging to a monastery that was originally for women (hence the name Donas for Doñas, meaning ladies), and was later used by the Order of Saint James, finishing the last stretch of stage 4 in Lestedo. Accommodation in Casa Roán.

Day 6: Stage 5 "Lestedo - A Castañeda" (27,4 Km). Leaving Lestedo the route continues along Os Valos, A Brea, O Rosario, Palas de Rei, where walkers can visit the church of San Tirso, Campo dos Romeiros, a meeting place for pilgrims, San Xulián do Camiño, O Mato, Casanova, Porto de Bois, Couto, the first village on the A Coruña stretch after leaving Lugo, Leboreiro and its Romanesque church, Disicabo, Furelos with its medieval bridge, Melide, where you can visit the Terra de Melide Museum, and admire its gothic “cruceiro” , Santa María, O Raído, Boente and its church dedicated to St.James, finally arriving in A Castañeda. Accommodation in Pazo Sedor.

Day 7 :Stage 6 "A Castañeda - Santa Irene" (22,1 Km).Leaving A Castañeda travellers reach O Pedrido, Ribadiso and the old pilgrim’s hospital that has been converted into a hostel, Arzúa, where the Church of St.James and the gothic A Magdalena chapel are located, Raído, Cortobe, Ferreiros, Boavista, A Salceda, A Brea and lastly Santa Irene, with its bridge and unusual church. Accommodation in O Muiño da Pena.

Day 8 : Stage 7 "Santa Irene - Santiago de Compostela" (22,4 Km).
For the last stretch to Santiago, walkers depart from Santa Irene, continuing their journey through A Rúa, the last village before Arca, the capital of O Pino, which is the last town before Santiago. Walkers pass through A Lavacolla, where pilgrims traditionally washed their bodies in the river. After leaving A Lavacolla, you reach Monte do Gozo (Mount of Joy), which bears this name because from this point you can admire the Cathedral towers for the first time. The old quarters of the city can be reached by following Os Concheiros street, which leads on to Rúa de San Pedro, Porta do Camiño, Casas Reais, Cervantes square, A Acibechería and finally, the Cathedral. If it happens to be a Holy Year, walkers choose to enter the sanctuary by the Porta Santa (Holy Door), which is only opened to celebrate this special year.


How to arrive at Pedrafita do Cebreiro.

Private transfer: On request

Public transport:
Transfer Santiago – Pedrafita do Cebreiro by bus daily; journey takes approximately three and a half hours. Timetable: Monday to Saturday: 08:00 - 09:45 - 14:00 – 21:30 - 23:15 – Sundays: 08:00 – 09:45 – 14:00 – 23:15
Bus company: ALSA - Tel.: +34 902 422 242 - Web:
Santiago Bus Station: C/ San Caetano, s/n – Tel: +34 981 542 416 - Web:

The information concerning operating days, timetables and journey times are GUIDELINES only, and should be confirmed with the company operating the service.